Interior & Exterior Doors

Choose from a wide variety of interior doors, the one that really suits your preferences and taste! Choose based on type, material, sound insulation level as well as other quality features and find the interior door that suits your space!

With us you can find everything from hotel doors to concealed doors with minimalist design and sophisticated design. From melamine designs to glass interior doors, and doors with smart handles!

The aim for interior doors in a modern home is to add value to everyday life, to make life easier, to reduce noise both literally and aesthetically – architecturally! This is exactly what Zeds Woodworking’s wide range of interior doors achieve

What is it that makes our interior doors stand out?

  • Bespoke manufacture to the measurements you need
  • Durability over time
  • Quality materials

Within our wide range of products you can also find sliding doors. There are options for creating a wardrobe door or even loft doors.

What are the most popular materials for interior doors?

  •  PVC interior doors
  •  Interior laminate doors
  •  Interior door veneer
  •  Interior doors made of raw wood
  •  Interior doors made of solid or semi-solid wood
  •  Internal glass doors
  •  Interior doors made of metal

Depending on the taste and the décor of your home, there is a material that will fit harmoniously with your space.

It is very important that the interior doors blend harmoniously with the style of the rest of the rooms in the house, as they are a key decorative element. We have a plethora of materials, types and designs available, so that you will be able to find the cladding that suits your space and aesthetic.

Zeds Woodworking’s laminate shielded doors ensure many benefits to a modern home. Also, laminate surfaces have anti-scratch as well as anti-fingers properties.

Elements such as cladding, lock (safety lock or simple) and shielding will play a key role in determining the final price of the internal doors and also the price of installation.

Choose from dozens of exterior doors, the one that suits your space.

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